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29 Years For 13 Seconds: The Injustices of Justice

He was 16 years old when he witnessed two friends shoot a man in broad daylight. However, he refused to "snitch", or tell the police. So the DA sentenced him to life in prison. In 29 Years For 13 Seconds: The Injustices of Justice, we do more than tell the story of Vance Webster's tango with the system. It's really a story about all the people who shaped his life's journey - beginning with his parents' abrupt slit and all the impossible ne'er-do-wells that accompany an unstable family. Far from a victim, what's most remarkable about Vance is the lack of bitterness or rage for everything he's suffered. According to Vance, "Jesus saves in the eternity, prison saved me in the meantime."

29 Years For 13 Seconds is available through Unshackled Publishing.

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