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CONTACT: Alexus Rhone (she/her) Playwright/director


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RALEIGH, NC - (MAY 29, 2023) - In every historical milieu, when faced with degradation, Black women have a standard response: dignity.


“DIGNITY” is a 60-minute, three-part re-imagining of the impact Black women had on specific historical experiences. "DIGNITY" has been selected as a featured production in the 2023 National Women’s Theatre Festival (WTFringe23). Three performances are scheduled at the Titmus Theatre - 1 PM, Sunday, June 25; 7 PM, Thursday, June 29; and 2 PM, Saturday, July 1. Playwright/director Alexus Rhone understands the anxiety of the current milieu. However, she believes that history has given us a blueprint for hope. “A world desperate for solutions can find them in two places - in women and in art,” says Rhone. For that reason, she is excited that “DIGNITY” was selected in the competitive submissions process.

“DIGNITY” is divided into three vignettes set in three different centuries. Each vignette explores the dignity embodied in African/African American women alongside the degradation of specific historic experiences. The 19th-century vignette “When Mortal Puts On Immortality” is an amalgam of tradition, religion, and sexuality with colonialism dancing around the periphery of 1886 Uganda.


The 20th-century vignette “Purse Fulla Peppermints” is set in 1930 Harlem, New York. One year into the Great Depression, with visible evidence of suffering, a dispute erupts between Aunt Clara and her niece Carrie Ann over a dinner invitation Aunt Clara extended to a German scholar studying at Union Seminary and worshipping at her predominantly Black church.


The 21st-century vignette “Aborting Betrayal’s Baby” is set in 2015, in Los Angeles, California. Almost 15 years after the 9/11 terrorist attack and Dotcom fallout, Carrie Ann still feels the financial consequences of a “love project” gone wrong. She is trying to stave off bitterness but is failing.


Rhone has cast Lebone Moses (CARRIE ANN) and Barbette Hunter (AUNT CLARA) to translate her “raucous history lessons”. The runtime is 60 minutes, including a talkback after each show.


This is Rhone’s second project to be featured in WTFringe. Her first production “Call & Response” was featured in the 2020 (virtual) festival. Rhone is also leading a workshop in WTFCon23 on “Your Brand As Artist: Five Stories You Need To Tell,” at 4 PM EST, on Friday, June 23, at Titmus Theatre. 

For more information or for tickets to “DIGNITY”, please visit

“DIGNITY”, by Alexus Rhone
2023 National Women’s Theatre Festival (WTFringe23)
1 PM, Sunday, June 25 | 7 PM, Thursday, June 29 | 2 PM, Saturday, July 1
Titmus Theatre


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