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Faith, Philosophy & The Mental Health of Black Americans 

In Adult-themed Storytelling


[RALEIGH, NC, August 24, 2022] - Storytime isn't only for children. Adults also need a space to safely (and entertainingly) unpack our chaos.

Truth Meet Story, LLC, presents “Jesus, Jazz & Dessert Wine" (JJDW), a night of jazz and adult storytelling with dessert wine, 7 PM, Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at Raleigh Founded-Warehouse, 310 S. Harrington St, Raleigh, NC. Three featured storytellers will tell stories on the theme “Faith, Philosophy & the Mental Health of Black Americans”. A musical tribute to Nina Simone will follow the live storytelling set. Artistic theologian Alexus Rhone will host the event.


JJDW is the public-facing celebration of a digital storytelling series filmed this past Spring in Atlanta. The series will be released virtually

on October 1, spotlighting the importance of mental health integration in wellness screening (October is National Depression and Health Screening Month). 


A former Seeds Project Fellow with Luther Seminary, Rhone accepted the challenge to work with a team to create content that would appeal to people turned off by religion, but who recognized the value in philosophical truths that could not be wrapped in a tidy bow. “Those are my favorite kinds of folks - ones who embrace mystery and are comfortable saying, "I don’t know". A lot of times, it’s the answer with the most integrity,” says Rhone. Founder of Truth Meet Story, LLC, Rhone melds her three favorite loves - Jesus, jazz, and, well, dessert wine - to bring together her three favorite types of people - the spiritual but not religious, jazz lovers, and wine consumers. She describes ‘story’ as the most palatable way to reach across ideological lines. “Truth, when dressed in a story, expands empathy,” Rhone insists.


The three featured storytellers share a common experience of being mentally and emotionally taxed by 'life on life’s terms', yet finding their way to firmer ground. Star Robinson uses humor to tell about the three times she planned to remove herself from the land of the living. Ruben Morales

takes us on a wild ride through law enforcement, ministry, and its traumatic effects on the police and the preachers who seek to do good.

Ghazi Muhammad tells a beautiful redemption story about the perils of being born to a teenage mother, and the impact of embracing a philosophy that mended their relationship.  


Jazz vocals will be provided by Lynnette Barber, the JJDW minister of flava & musical vibes. She has a special tribute to North Carolina-native

Nina Simone dialed up - a homage to our native daughter who also battled mental illness later in life. The tribute will celebrate Nina’s musical brilliance. Barber will be joined by percussionist phenom Shenette Swann. 


Through story, song, and creative expression, we invite adults to a night of “telling it like it is,” adult-style. Attendees may rest assured that this is not a night of preaching, lecturing, or selling anything to the audience. Our mission is to gather, hear stories, to let the mystery of music wash over us,

and to go back out into the world better for the experience.


JJDW is free and open to the public, 21+ years and older. Limited seating capacity so grab your tickets early - For accommodation requests, email

EVENT DETAILS: Jesus, Jazz & Dessert Wine 

7pm, Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 

at Raleigh Founded-Warehouse, 310 S. Harrington St, Raleigh, NC

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