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"The power of story will save us all."

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The American story is diverse. It’s not told from one person’s point of view — or from one part of the country. And those who tell it don’t sound the same or look the same, and they certainly have lived different experiences.

The USA Today Network wants to celebrate that diversity with stories. Their storytelling series, “I Am An American,” is premiering Wednesday in Phoenix at Phoenix Theatre, and it’s also set to show in Nashville and Cincinnati. 

I spoke with Alexus Rhone, a producer with the USA Today Network’s Storytellers Brand Studio ahead of the event.

Lauren Gilger

USA Today Network Celebrates Diversity with "I Am An American" seriesfeaturing Alexus Rhone

Courage, meet Truth.

Everyone has a story. However, everyone is not brave enough to step to the mic to tell that story. We can help.

Truth, meet Story.

Imagine our workplaces filled with authentic connections and healthy relationships simply because we know each other’s stories.

Consider this...

There are so many interesting people and awesome stories right next to us, but we’re not hearing them. Fear and distrust run rampant amongst people in all realms of our daily life - where we live, work and worship.


The disconnection from people with whom we share close proximity fuels the belief that we are safe as long as we remain silent, isolated and build taller fences.

Let’s Connect!

“Truth, Meet Story” is a movement to expand empathy one story at a time.


Empathy in the Workplace expands through team-building storytelling seminars and creative professional development workshops like “Narrative UPrising.”


Empathy in Public Spaces expands through branded/sponsored, public-facing live storytelling events (and workshops).


Empathy in Religious Spaces expands through tailored workshops like “Guilt, Shame & Storytelling.”


“Truth, Meet Story” is creating safe spaces for group narratives, curating engaging live storytelling events, and training EVERYONE how to tell better stories. To schedule a workshop, to sponsor a live storytelling event, or for a customized package, please email

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To commemorate the resilient spirit of African Americans and to celebrate Juneteenth, #TheBounceBackRDU, a virtual storytelling event, streamed live as a featured public art program in partnership with Seek Raleigh.


#TheBounceBackRDU featured eight African Americans sharing stories about a time they fell down but didn’t stay down - they bounced back. 


Here's the YouTube link to the pre-recorded stories.

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“One of the most basic Black survival skills is the ability to change, to metabolize experience, good or ill, into something that is useful, lasting, effective.” Audre Lorde